Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coming out of her shell...

 Luisa enjoying her huevos this morning!
 Mental note to self:  Never have a glass top table with 6 kids!!!!
 Talking with the doctor that came to the house today to give Luisa her breathing treatment.  She needs to have them for the next 2 days as well.  Hopefully her cough will go away, and we won't have to continue this when we are home.  Please pray that we can get a few things straightened out with her medicines and treatments.  I can't go into detail, but it sounds like we need some divine intervention in order to get what we need.
She did such a great job!  He said most kids cry or fuss, but she just sat there like the little trooper she is!
 Luisa was super fun and playful today.  She did great during our meeting with ICBF.  The meeting went great, the psychologist  was wonderful and she kept saying how happy she was because she knew Luisa would get the love and care that she needs and deserves!
 We kept saying that we were the ones who were happy to be able to love and care for her, she is an amazing blessing!

We ate at this little empanada stand today.  We cleared out his whole stock of empanada's and they were awesome!

 We all ate around this little TV tray sized table!
Love this!  Look at her little hand on her sisters leg!

This is the little fruit store down the road from our apartment, the fruit is cheap and the ladies are nice!  A few days ago, we tried the fruit pictured below.
I got a tiny piece and chewed and swallowed, the flavor was good, but the texture was awful!  But, Mary Ellen was given a huge chunk and she tried to take a bite, but it wouldn't break apart so the lady motioned for her to put it all in her mouth, so she did and then she turned around to face Dylan and she asked him to take it and get rid of it for her, but he decided he better not since they were watching!  So poor Mary Ellen was stuck with this big chunk of non-dissolving, never ending fruit in her mouth!  I was laughing so hard, I believe I snorted!  Once we left I suggested she keep it to show Ryan, so she chewed it the whole way home and showed Ryan and finally was able to spit the thing out!  So funny!
Mary Ellen and the never ending fruit!

 Luisa was miss independent today!  Until now she had to be carried solely by mommy or in her beloved stroller, but today she decided she was ready to run with the pack!  So cute.

 Look at the tongues!  I told you she is a perfect fit!  We love this girl so much!!!

What a great day we had again today!  It was as if someone flipped a switch inside Luisa today.  She was super happy and played with the kids, we saw so much happiness in her it was amazing! 
Thank you Lord for the healing that can only come through you, we pray that each day you will continue to heal our little Luisa, heart, soul, mind and body!


nicole said...

reading every post. thx for sharing!

Patty said...

Thanks for the regular updates. Will continue praying for the healing Luisa needs.

Jodie said...

Loving all the update! Thanks for sharing the wonderful details! We got our dossier packet on Friday! So excited about starting the paper chase!