Friday, September 30, 2011

oh my have we been busy!

remember those old yuck covered wood floors?
well, we worked on them almost non stop this week, we fell in bed late at night exhausted, but our hard work has paid off!  Thanks to all who help us this week, you were a blessing!
Thank goodness for smart phones, so we can look up answers to our questions!  Our general contractors wife had a stroke on Sunday,{that is why we were googling stuff rather than ask the G.C.} she has something called Patent Foramen Ovale, she is doing well, although she will need some physical therapy, and she has to have open heart surgery next month.  Please keep the Cook family in your prayers!
20 grit sand paper!  ouch!
We found oak floors in the kitchen,
and douglas fir in the living and dining rooms...
 Dust, lots and lots of dust!
Finally, we were able to start staining!

and I spent all day today putting on the first coat of polyurethane!  Only 2 more to go...ugh..
We were also able to get the vanities and linen closet in the upstairs bath.  Hopefully we will have a fully functioning bath by next week!  Our washer and dryer were delivered today too!
Ryan is working on carpet right now, oh, and in all of our "free time" we are packing up the house getting ready to move! 


Rebecca said...

I love old houses and seeing them refurbished. Thanks for sharing the pictures, especially the comparison between the dirty and clean wood floors. Enjoy them!