Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a few random things...

Anaya, after her first day of Friday addition, looking a tad disheveled!

The boys measuring the size of Noah's ark, which, I might add, was amazingly huge!

School is going well so far for everyone, we are thankful for a great few weeks in.  Anaya is loving Friday Addition, (the kids go to a home school group every Friday) it feels weird to just have Lucy with me.

 I have started including house work as part of school and we call it "home economics class."  {Thank you Dorothy M. for the great idea!}  Since renaming the 'chores' and doing them as part of our day instead of tacked on to the end of it, the kids have been much better about getting it done without complaining!  YAY!
Dylan plays on the varsity soccer team since there is only one team, and even as a freshman has been able to get in some playing time.  Their team is doing very well and it is fun to watch his games. {yes, I actually said that!}

Dylan is enjoying high school.  I feel like we hardly ever see him anymore, he is involved in sports and has practice or a game then homework and it's off to bed, pretty much.  But, as I look back over the years I am so thankful for the time we had together here at home and I pray that he will be a blessing to those he comes in contact with every day.

How many of you have this on your "To Do List?"  Notice it says "last."  Um yeah, they would do this first and spend all day out there with those cows if I let them!

Lucy has been sick..ish for nearly a month now.  She is totally fine until, she has a "Bronchial spasm."  Then she coughs so hard she nearly passes out and sometimes she throws up or has tons of nasty junk...I'll save you the details, but its bad.  Really bad. I have brought her in to 3 different DR.'s and the ER, and all say even said "mild Bronchitis!"  That was after I video taped her coughing fit.  Mild my foot!  Shes been on steroids, antibiotics and breathing treatments, nothing seems to help.  So that's been fun...Thankfully she is totally fine most of the time and the fits seem to be getting fewer and farther between, hopefully she can start sleeping in her own bedroom soon?!?

I think that is all for now, we are enjoying the cooler fall weather and getting settled into our new routine, it feels good to have turned that corner of dreading the end of summer and I am feeling rather blessed!

Monday, September 3, 2012


 Dylan's backpack is packed and ready for the first day of HIGH SCHOOL!!!...
All of the home school books are here and organized.  I will have kindergarten, 2nd, 4th and 6th grades going on over here...

Tomorrow is the big day for all but one....
Ready or not the time has come!