Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jayden's turn...

 Jayden joined the ranks of the stitches club today when playing with sticks {aka swords} in the woods.
In case you lost count, this makes 3 Vander Zwaag children to have stitches in the past 7 weeks!  Before this, Dylan had stitches when he was about 5 or 6, and  Easton's head had to be glued before he was a year old.  They have all been in almost the same place too {with the exception of Dylan, his was on his finger.}  Weird.   But, like I always say, "If we can keep it to stitches and broken bones, I will be a happy camper."


Saying good bye to Max.

We had to put our dear sweet Golden Retriever, Max, to "sleep."   He was only 3&1/2 years old, but he had cancer.  We had the first lump removed while I was in Colombia, but when the 2nd lump came so quickly, and on one of his nerves in his hip, there was nothing we could do.  He was in pain, and it was heartbreaking to see him suffer.  I have never really liked a dog before, but I REALLY liked Max, {or Maxey boy as I affectionately called him.}  We are sad, but we know and love a few HUMANS who have cancer, and are fighting for their lives right now, so it helps to keep things in perspective. He was the best dog, and will be missed!!

Here are a couple of links to blogs of some families we know who are dealing with cancer, I know they would appreciate your prayers.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

umm, okay, so I have a little problem...

I'm mean! (at least one of my kids thinks so!)  I can not help it, but I have the tendency {like, as in most of the time}to laugh when someone falls or gets slightly injured.{Now, if it is something major, I usually am able to hold it in, but...}  My poor kids, they trip and fall and scrape up their face, and I, the loving mother that I am, I laugh!  I really feel bad for them and run to their rescue, however the laughter is always my first reaction.  Well, it dawned on me recently that my behavior is all the result of watching America's Funniest Videos.  We love that show and I have watched it since I was a kid.  The whole premise of the show is based on people falling, tripping or otherwise injuring themselves and what do we do?  We sit around and laugh at it!  Yep, it's not my fault, so next time something unfortunate happens to you, and I burst out laughing, please don't be mad at me, blame it on AFV!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

getting A decent picture of my kids...

Well, lets just say, it is NOT an easy task...
 "Okay Guys, Mom just wants one good picture, stand still and look over here please!"
"Jayden, drop that stick..."

 "Come on guys, look at mom!"
 "Spencer, leave your sister alone!"
"Jayden, get your hands off Lucy's head!"

"Come on Jayden!"
{we're getting close}


{Oh so close...}
{not there yet...}
"Good job!"
"I think..."
"We may..."
"have a good one in there somewhere.."{whew!}

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the great outdoors...

 In another post, I will show you how many pictures it took to get this one with all of them smiling AND looking my way!
Nothing clears the heart and mind as well as a leisurely walk through the woods with the family.  Today we were waiting to hear about a bid we put on yet another house{still have not heard about that,} and our dear sweet dog Max is not doing well at all.  He had a tumor removed while I was in Colombia, and he now has another tumor, and we are afraid it may be cancer.  He is in a ton of pain so we took him back to the vet today and he gave us some stronger pain meds to make him comfortable.  So sad!  I have never really cared all that much for an animal before, but I absolutely adore Max!

 We thought we may be a tad late looking for morels, but Spencer was the first to spot one, and the next and the next...all together he found 35!!!
 I found a few, Lucy kept watching me stare at the ground, and bend over and pick up a morel so she would bend over and grab a few leaves and hand them to me.  I think she was totally confused as to what we were looking for!  Sweet girl.
 Jayden found a few too!
 Anaya kept saying "I found one!", but then she would say..."nope!"  Funny girl.
The boys were sucessful in turkey hunting this year, not the daddy though!!  He had his chance, but he just can't shoot straight!=)
 Jayden and his huge tom with a 9 and 3/4 inch beard!
 And Dylan shot this jake earlier in the season.

 The boys went out fishing and we had our first fish fry a few weeks ago!
Psalm 104:24 {The Message}
What a wildly wonderful world, God!
      You made it all, with Wisdom at your side,
      made earth overflow with your wonderful creations.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yesterday, Anaya asked for doughnuts, so...
We started out the morning with home made doughnuts! 
{check out my table cloth...yep, that's life at our house, nice.}
 Easton and his sweet powdered sugar face
 Then for dinner, we had hot dogs and s'mores outside over the fire, I love this weather!

 Lucy loves the trampoline and her big brother Dylan...
and I think he is pretty fond of her too!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

history lesson...

The boys keep asking if I remember when____________happened and if I was alive back then when__________, etc...I have to keep reminding them that what they are learning in their history books is, of course, RECENT history! 
{Uh, excuse me boys, I AM NOT OLD!!!}

But, um yes, when I was younger, I do remember...

Ugh, yes, I guess I am getting old!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Anaya!!!

4 years old already, how can this be! 
We love you so much Anaya!