Tuesday, May 3, 2011

more stitches...

It's been a crazy couple of weeks around here!  Last week Sunday, Easton needed 3 stitches.  On Thursday, I took Anaya in to the doctor for strep throat.  While there, the doctor also took out Easton's stitches.  Friday Luisa was at DeVos for some more bloodwork.  And, yesterday Anaya fell off of her scooter and needed 2 stitches! Thank goodness for insurance!  
She was so excited to get stitches, look at her grin!  Crazy kid!
 Who woulda thunk Anaya would get stitches before Spencer!?!  Certainly not me.
 Notice her fat lip as well, that happened earlier in the day when she fell off her bike!  She also started to get a tad nervous, as you can tell, the smile left her face after they put the numbing gel on.  But she never even cried or flinched when they did the shot and the stitches!
 Luisa kicking back and relaxing, happy she is not the one getting all of the attention this time!

She was such a brave girl, and she is happy to tell everyone that... "I am such a brave girl!"  She did just as well as Easton did, and had to let him know that too!
She kept asking for the doctor to come back in, and I told her she had to be patient and wait.  A few minutes later the nurse came and gave her a sticker that said VIP Very Important Patient.  She said, "Yes, that is because I am being so patient!"


Julie said...

Aye Anaya! She is such a precocious little one! I'm glad she's ok and got to enjoy joining the stitches club with her brothers. :-)

I've missed you guys this week!

Anonymous said...

oh that made my day.It's wierd to think Anaya got stitches before me and I'm 12.