Thursday, May 19, 2011

getting A decent picture of my kids...

Well, lets just say, it is NOT an easy task...
 "Okay Guys, Mom just wants one good picture, stand still and look over here please!"
"Jayden, drop that stick..."

 "Come on guys, look at mom!"
 "Spencer, leave your sister alone!"
"Jayden, get your hands off Lucy's head!"

"Come on Jayden!"
{we're getting close}


{Oh so close...}
{not there yet...}
"Good job!"
"I think..."
"We may..."
"have a good one in there somewhere.."{whew!}


Anonymous said...


MamaTod said...

Try planning for some action, i.e. on the count of three all jump. It will be fun and cute at the same time. :)

They're not bad pictures though, not with such good-looking material with which to work!