Friday, June 29, 2012

He's home!

Ryan was gone on a mission trip to Romania for the past 2 weeks.

 The kids made the welcome home sign and wrote him notes.
 He took a great group of teens from church and did ministry in Romania with a missionary from our church who is there.  They had an amazing trip and maybe, just maybe I can get him to share some stories from his trip...that is after he has slept off his jet lag!

The kids and I held down the fort and I am happy to report that all the animals are still alive! That was my biggest fear!  Not that they didn't give me a few more gray hairs, but they are doing well and we are so happy to have the real farmer back!
 apparently we didn't feed this guy on time, so he helped himself!
 One morning I woke up to see the boys walking this guy BACK into the pasture!  Good thing he is super tame and will come when called!  Apparently the electric fence was turned off and he just decided to go for a stroll OUTSIDE of the pasture!  He ate a few of my flowers but then decided he wanted back in the pasture, the boys found him standing there nose to the fence mooing to get back in!
Then there are these 2 who both lost hair in spots...nice!  Only on my watch does stuff like this happen.
But, we did a few fun things too to help pass the time.

 I made strawberry freezer jam while the boys made a potato cannon with the help of their friend Ryan!!  They rode their bikes into town for the parts.  I had no idea that it was possible to launch a potato or apple that far!  Amazing!
 They played in the kiddie pool but mostly had fun with the buckets of water, which makes me wonder...why bother with the pool?
 We went to the beach and tried to have a picnic lunch there, but it was so windy we ended up eating sand and being sand blasted!
 I doubt this was fun, but I enjoyed watching them wash my car!  I did help them wax it though. 
 They may kill me, but I caught this shot of my brother in laws playing on the swing while they were up here.
 The VZ cousins spent a few nights at grampa and grama's cabin and they had a great time together!
And we went down to Chicago for the day to the Lincoln park Zoo,{great FREE zoo if you're ever in the vicinity, check it out!} we were able to meet up with my best friend since the sixth grade!  It was great to catch up with Kadie again and see her beautiful children!  In the picture above, Anaya and Kadie's son Jake are both 5!  They are both off the charts, just in opposite directions, too fun!

We went down to visit my family and were invited over to a few friends homes as well, lots of fun things that helped pass the time.  I sure wish I could have gone with him, but I truly felt my part in this ministry was to be here for the kids.  While I don't like it when Ryan is gone, I am so grateful that he had this opportunity to share the gospel with the beautiful people over in Romania. Many people came to know the Lord as a result and that is what our lives are all about!  Praising Jesus tonight for such an amazing blessing! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Adoption tax credit update...

In case anyone was wondering...We finally received our money, I just wanted to share that good news.  Apparently all the paperwork I sent in was all they needed, if you are interested, you can read about that here.  If you have no idea what the adoption tax credit is, check out this facebook page.  It was a huge blessing to us this time around {minus the extra paperwork headache, but still totally worth it!}and I would love to see more people being able to adopt because of it.