Adoption timelines...

Anaya's Guatemalan adoption:

7/06        went to adoption meeting
9/22/06   filled out application to AGCI
10/1/06   started dossier
11/15/06 home study done
11/22/06 dossier completed & sent to AGCI
#35 on girls list!
12/06      #28
1/16/07    USCIS fingerprinting
2/6/07      USCIS approval
1/07       #24
2/07       #18
3/07       #13
4/07       #10
5/22/07   got THE CALL!!!!
5/30-6/3/07 1st trip to Guatemala to meet Anaya, and her precious birth mom!!
7/3/07    DNA
7/14/07  Family Court
9/4/07    Family Court approval
9/13/07   in PGN
11/9/07   OUT!!!  NO PREVIOS!!!
Civil registry will not release birth certificate, what should have been a week, turned into our biggest nightmare ever.  {she should have/could have been home for Christmas, but instead we were stuck waiting for her B.C.}
4/28/08 Could not stand the wait, went and picked up our daughter before her 1st birthday, and stayed in Antigua until she could come home.
After 169 days (5 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days) we finally got our daughters Mixco birth certificate!!5/6/08 B.C. from Civil Registry. FINALLY.
5/22/08  DNA
6/11/08  PINK
6/17/08  FINALLY HOME!!!!

Luisa's  Colombian adoption

10/20/09 Home study done and waiting for a domestic infant adoption...God stepped in and changed our course BIG TIME!
2/10/10  received email from Rainbow Kids about chubby cheeked, cuddly baby girl
2/10/10  inquired on said chubby cheeked, cuddly baby girl
2/11/10  received email from CHSFS
2/12/10  emailed info back
2/18/10  received referral information for Luisa!!!  Lots of prayer, thinking, researching etc...
3/2/10    requested more medical info, could take up to 8 weeks!  Started working on updating home study, gathering documents, filling out applications etc...
4/21/10   FBI fingerprints
4/23/10   Psych. evaluation
6/4/10     talked to Dr. and decided to go for it, "unofficially" accepted referral!!!
6/7/10     mailed out I800a
6/23/10   got FBI print results back
7/15/10   Sent out dossier
7/20/10   USCIS fingerprints done
7/21/10   USCIS approval!!!
7/30/10   Dossier off to Colombia for translation and approval
8/23/10   Translation completed and handed over to ICBF
9/9/10     sent out 2nd FBI finger print cards since they expire every 6 mos. and take 3 mos. to process
9/16/10    Colombia Approval!!!!{found out 10/5/10}
11/29/10  Finally received Official referral of Luisa!!!!!(dated Oct.4!)
11/29/10  mailed out I800 documents and official acceptance letter
12/22/10  I800 provisional approval!!!!!
 1/19/11 Article 5 letter and presentation date set for 2/14/11!!!              
2/12/11 Leave for Colombia!!
2/14/11 GET Luisa!!!!
3/11/11 Sentencia!
3/18/11 visa in hand         
3/19/11 HOME!!!