Sunday, June 3, 2012

and then there were 4..

We now have 4 cows!  We found out that our first cows were a few weeks too old to use for 4 H this year so we had to get 2 more!  They will be able to sell the older cows next year, which will work out great since they are used to the kids and are super sweet and therefore should be easy to handle!

 The new cows are so tiny!  This is Spencer's calf T-Bone.
 This is Jayden's calf Sox.
 Who knew we would be back to bottles and formula!  It's so much fun, even I take a turn feeding them from time to time!
 Steaky and Beefy are getting so big.

So, that brings us to a total of 8 animals here on the "farm"{4 cows, 2 horses,1 cat and 1 dog}...I wonder what we'll get next?