Monday, May 28, 2012

memorial weekend...

 Some of my family came up and camped at our house this weekend!
 We decided to have a normal campfire and save the big fire for another day.

We sat around the campfire, ate lots of food, went fishing, unfortunately it rained and stormed a bit, but at least we were able to take shelter in the house...that is my kind of camping!
Grama had a scavenger hunt planned out for the kids, winners got cool glasses with sparkling grape juice and a big candy bar, losers got a juice box and a mini size candy bar!
We had a big fish fry on Sunday.
lots of goofing off....
a trip to the dunes...

lots of fun and laughter...
lots of bb gun action, even the crazy dads got in on it!
Always fun to spend time with family!

 We are so blessed to live in this beautiful country and are thankful for the men and women who have, are and will be fighting for our freedom!