Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't......

What are these things?

Anaya loves music and she starts dancing the second she hears it. She loves the boys MP3 players. Last night we went to a band concert and she loved it! After she got over the shock of the music starting~it scared her half to death, then she was bouncing up and down enjoying the music and she was really into clapping for them when they were done~So cute!

Easton's latest funny saying is ..."Sometimes I do like *fill in the blank*, sometimes I don't! For example last week he told his Cubbies class teacher "Sometimes I do like Cubbies class, sometimes I don't, but tonight...I do!" Or he will say to me "Sometimes you do let me ____sometimes you don't. If I tell him he can't play the Nintendo DS he will say "Sometimes you do let me play it, sometimes you don't!" I put him on the counter to put his shoes on and he says "Sometimes you do let me sit on the counter, sometimes you don't. That kid cracks me up!


MamaTod said...

I know it's just the camera angle, but Anaya looks so grown-up, teenish, with her tunes! stop time already!