Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hockey game and Winter Jam...

Easton the goofball all folded up in his seat!

Anaya spent most of the night trapped between Ryan's legs because she didn't want to sit! She would clap when ever she heard everyone else clapping, she did really well in her little spot!

We went to a hockey game a few weekends ago with the youth group. I had not been to one for years and I forgot how violent they are! Ryan likes to watch UFC fighting and I thought for a minute we were at one of those fights not a hockey game! Within the first 10 minutes of the game there were 3 or 4 fights, and at one point we only had 3 players on the ice besides the goalie(I think that is what he is called!?) Anyway, about 2 minutes into the game I thought..."I wonder if pucks could hit us if they went over that glass?" then I asked Ryan, as I noticed my boys were sitting out of arms reach. He said probably, and told the boys to keep their eyes on the puck. Not 1 minute later a puck landed in the lap of a lady directly behind Jayden! He was a tad bit nervous after that, being my non athletic son, he watched the game pretty intensely from then on!

Hawk Nelson

Toby Mac!!!
Dylan and his friends enjoying the concert!

Last weekend we went to Winter Jam in Grand Rapids with the youth group. One of the blessings of being a youth pastors wife is that we get to join Ryan in ministry quite a bit. The concert was great! It was pay at the door(which meant cash only~oops~the youth pastor and his family were scrounging up all the cash they could to try to get in as they only had plastic on them!!!)


Michelle said...

very familiar with that little spot position. That mademe smile