Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tulip Time 2009

Anaya saw Easton put his hands on his face, so...monkey see, monkey do! So funny!

Last year was the first year we missed Tulip time in like...forever! It was good to be back!

Anaya giving Grampa besitos!

waiting for the parade to start...

While there, we met up with some more cousins! Alexis and (Easton's buddy) Taylor!

Anaya fell asleep DURING the parade...bands and all! She was hot and of course...sweaty!!

the gang...

I took the kids to the parade in Holland yesterday. Both of my parents and sisters and all of the
grandkids were there. Spencer and Brayden were on Fox News last night for a brief second! I didn't even see the camera man, but apparently they were across the street from us the whole time because when we were watching the news I said to Ryan"hey, we were standing in front of that building... and not a second later there were the kids mugs on the news!! So cute.