Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ready or not...

Here we come!  We will be with out internet (and t.v., a kitchen, most lights, as well as many other things) for the next little bit as we are going to be moving into our new home{a tad prematurely!}  I hope to get internet up and running sometime soon, however...we have been too busy to deal with that just yet, so it will have to wait!  I'd like to do a little "reveal" of each room when it is finished, so it's probably good that I won't be able post any pictures before the room is actually done!  Although, I'm not sure that they will ever be done, seems like there's always some work in progress, so goes home ownership!  We will miss the view from up here on the hill, we have great memories of our time spent here, but look forward to the next chapter of our life in our farm house!  A huge thanks to Gary and Linda for allowing us to stay here, we feel so blessed, it made a difficult move 4 years ago much less painful to know we had a great place to land.  And now that we have fallen in love with everyone up here and found a home of our own to settle into, we are excited for you to move back into your amazing home!  God is good.  His timing is perfect.  We are blessed.


Anonymous said...

Congrats guys your new house is amazing!!!!