Wednesday, November 2, 2011

pumpkin carving...

 Oh so many choices...look at them contemplate!
 Luisa walked up to one and grabbed it!  Plenty good...let's go!
 Eww!  Pumpkin guts!  I was shocked Anaya stuck her hand in it, but very soon, she was asking to wash her hands.
 Lucy was loving it...Anaya...{big shocker} not so much!  Yes, she got pumpkin guts in her hair, they were flinging it everywhere, seemingly non intentionally, however, one can never be sure, she was not impressed!
 Easton doing a happy dance because he likes the way his pumpkin looks!  That kid is too funny!
I was thinking pumpkin carving would not happen this year as I had not yet located any sharp knives..."they are in the barn somewhere..."  is the notorious answer for everything that we can't find.  But, my children would not let that happen, instead of looking in the barn for our knives, they went to the garage and found sharp objects.  Power tools gave new life to our pumpkin carving adventure!  They used a drywall saw and a sawzall and they had a blast!  I doubt we will ever use those puny little pumpkin carving knives again!