Monday, January 16, 2012

Meet Quincy!

Quincy is our new 8 week old female golden retriever puppy.  We promised the kids that we would get a new dog after Max died, but with the house, move, the holidays and Mexico, we hadn't gotten around to it.  So we decided we had better start getting serious about our quest for a new dog!  This past weekend, we had a snow day Friday and we were all home together so we upped our search efforts and made several phone calls and were able to go pick her up on Saturday! 

We had not settled on a name just yet, I had several picked out, but they didn't like them, so I told the kids that by the time we got back home,{about and hour drive}we all had to agree on a name for her.  So we all rattled off various names that we liked, I was on a website and read off a few names, I mentioned Quincy.  At first the kids said "No!"  But, finally about half way home, everyone had agreed to naming her Quincy!  We used to live on Quincy street, when we lived in Zeeland, but had I not found that name on that website, It may not have crossed my mind.  And that is how Quincy got her name.
We stopped to let her out and go potty, and this is what she did.  Laid down and stayed there!  We ran into a nearby Tractor Supply store and got some food and a collar, then proceeded to drive a bit further.  Soon, she got a tad 'antsy,' so we stopped and let her out.  Thank goodness we did, because that time she did her business, AND PUKED!  When we were bringing Max home he puked all over the car and kids so we were a tad cautious this time! 

Introducing her to her new yard.
look at that face...too cute!

we tuckered her right out!

she'll never lack for love and attention here!

So far she has been doing very well with the whole crate/potty training thing.  You should hear her whine at first when we put her in her crate, it is pretty pathetic.  But, she has been calming down fast and seems quite content in her little space.  I think she will be a blessing....{For the kids for sure, hopefully for me as well, I'm not a huge animal lover, especially not when they are in my we shall see....oh the things I do for my children!}


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! She is so cute!!!!!!!