Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy one year in the USA...

March 19, 2011 we arrived home from Colombia.
Yesterday Spencer was asking if we could go back to Colombia, and Lucy said "NO!"  We laughed, then he said,  "Can we go to Guatemala?" to which Lucy once again said "NO!" Then he said, "Can we stay here in the USA?" Lucy yelled "YES!"  Glad she likes it here!  Too funny, that girl. 

 We are totally enjoying this awesome weather.  We took the kids fishing at a pond near our house Saturday, we didn't catch anything, but had a great time.  Quincy took her first dip in the water, she was a bit nervous, but we had fun watching her!  Tonight, Ryan took the kids fishing to the stream nearby and they caught a bunch of fish, then we went to the lake and Quincy went swimming again. 

Shorts in March!!


Anonymous said...

I have been wearing shorts all week its too hot for jeans!!!!

Bethany @ 3SonsPlus1...and... said...

What a special day! We've been in shorts too...and sleeping with the windows open because it's so darn hot! No, I'm not complaining! Strangest March EVER! :)