Tuesday, April 24, 2012

holy cow!!!

We have cows!  Meet Steaky....
and Beefy....
Yes, they are beef cows that the boys are raising for 4H.  I guess they wanted to keep their intended purposes in mind while they raise them! 
 Here Ryan is trying to put the lead rope on the cow...I was laughing so hard, he chased that thing all around the pen, it was like a mini rodeo!  Then I went outside and waited for him to bring it out.  It took a while and when he finally came out he was pulling that cow with all his might...again so funny!  Apparently, they are really strong and somewhat stubborn!
 Still pulling the cow out to the stake, since the pasture is not done yet, they have to be staked out just like the horses.
Spencer with his cow Steaky below, and Jayden with Beefy above.