Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lucy + shopvac =

a trip to the emergency room!
Photo credit goes to Anaya
While I was vacuuming out our vehicle the night before we left for vacation, Luisa decided to check out the shop vac and apparently stuck her hand in the other hose opening.  I heard her screaming so I shut it off and found her standing there with blood running down her hand!  Poor baby!  I took her in to the E.R. because it looked so bad, but she checked out fine and they sent us off with bandaids and antibiotic ointment!

Ryan had just left to do some rustic camping with the boys before we were to meet up in Traverse City the next morning so I had to take Anaya with, but they both did great.  Aside from the difficulty of keeping it clean while camping and hearing her sweet little voice say "hurts bad mom!"  It healed up quickly and her first trip to the E.R. went very well!

It may sound strange since I keep this blog public and most people we know are aware of Luisa's HIV, but I hate to have to tell people that she has HIV.  I guess I just don't know how they will treat her and that makes me uneasy.  I couldn't have been more pleased by the way the Dr. and especially the nurse treated her that day!  In fact the nurse told me about her family member who is adopted and has Hep. B and was so sweet and encouraging.  I have heard stories from other adoptive parents where that is not the case, as appalling as that is, the truth is, sometimes the stigma still remains.  So thankful that was not our experience.  Lucy is such a happy healthy kid, other than having to give her medication 2 times a day, her HIV/AIDs diagnosis is the "big deal" that truly isn't!