Monday, August 13, 2012


Why must it go so fast?  I can not believe it is the middle of August, and school is just around the fact, it's starting to intrude on my summer! Dylan has been reviewing Spanish and Algebra for a big test which he took today, soccer has begun, high school registration{YIKES!}, orientation etc...  We have been unusually busy the last few weeks.  But we have had a ton of fun things going on as well.  I am going to try to catch up my blog for the next little bit on a few of our adventures. 

After we spent a week camping, we were home for a week and then we headed back up north to Lake Ann Camp.  Ryan was invited to speak at Fresh Start camp for the week, and the rest of the family was invited to come stay at the camp while he was there.  I must admit, I was looking forward to this all summer.  A real vacation for me, no cooking or cleaning!  Jayden and Spencer went to junior camp that week and the rest of us hung out at our cabin.  Dylan and I taught Easton how to play Dutch Blitz, the best card game ever!  He even beat us a couple of times. 

 We were in a cabin on one side of the camp and Ryan was speaking on the opposite side of camp, one night when we went to go hear him speak we walked the nearly 20 minutes to where he was and it started to thunder!  So, I headed back to our cabin with Easton and the girls.  Ryan and Dylan stayed while he taught in the pavilion, but they had to run back in the rain!  They could not have been any wetter!  Fun memories.

 The kids played lots of games including air hockey, and at one point I had 2 of them in tears because the puck hit their fingers!  I had warned them from my past experiences to keep their hands back...guess they had to learn that lesson the hard way!

 Doing some sprinting in our own family Olympics!

 We went to the beach in Traverse City one day.
 It was fun to see the boys from time to time doing their activities.

 The kids loved carpet ball...
 and the slushies every day were a huge hit!
It was a great week for all of us, I was blessed to meet a wonderful family who is in the adoption process and we talked adoption several times, which is always fun. It was great to spend time doing fun things with the kids with no other responsibilities.  God was at work and many kids lives were impacted in one way or another through all of the various speakers, including Ryan, which is always exciting to see.  Our boys had lots of stories to share and wonderful memories were made.  I went to Lake Ann when I was in high school, and have gone for several womens and couples retreats.  It is a beautiful place and we were blessed indeed to spend time there this summer.


lucyseay said...

Your firstborn is practically a full-grown man! Everyone looks wonderfully healthy and happy, and I'm glad you've had such a great summer. Will I see you at Friday Addition this fall?
Lucy :)