Sunday, February 22, 2009

fun with cousins....

We finally got together for Tryna and Dylan's birthday party with the Vander Zwaags. Tryna's birthday was way back on Feb. 8, Dylan's was on Valentines and Ryan's brother Robb's was the day after that, so we have a big party for everyone in Feb. We have our's and Johny and Sarah's anniversaries thrown in that month too! Then in May we have another big month with my niece Taylor, Anaya and my mother-in-law's birthdays on the 4th, 5th, and 6th! Amazing how that happens sometimes!

Aunt Lisa organized a scavenger hunt for the kids, she had them running all around outside looking for clues. They were told to wait up for the little kids and do it TOGETHER, which they did! They had so much fun! Thanks Lisa!

Ryans brothers have all the girls *with the exception of Anaya of course* and we have all the boys, and they all get along so well. We are so thankful we still live close enough to get together with our families.

These two (Easton and Taylor) have been best buds this weekend~so cute!


Anonymous said...

what does dylan have in his mouth
is it candy or his his teeth bad it looks like a peach ring but i cant tell

Stacy said...

We think it is candy of some sort! He was stuffing it in before the picture(and all night)thanks to aunt Lisa!!!! Candy Aunty!