Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Another fun holiday weekend "camping" with my family!

There was fishing of course,While the men caught the food, the women folk made laundry detergent. Yes, we felt somewhat little house on the prairieish, but not so much, because we had the internet to look up the ingredients, we had a heck of a time figuring out the measurements(because we didn't have the 5 gallon bucket,) and we used the food processor to make the soap into powder. Yes, we decided we would have died young if we were born back then, but we did have fun, and we got a ton of laundry soap out of the deal. So far it seems to be working well, we have done several loads of laundry with it!

More fishing...Some hair donated to "Locks of Love"Way to go Taylor, somebody is going to be very blessed to have your beautiful curly hair! On a side note, check out the sign on the hutch in the background, that I made. I finally(a year late)put my sisters wall words(of which, we both bought the exact same verse with out knowing it!)on a board which I painted and distressed. I have one almost identical, except we did get different fonts! How crazy is that, of all the verses in the Bible, we chose the same one!
5 birthdays celebrated...a trip to the beach with crazy kids swimming in freezing cold water...lots of great food, the boys were waiting~not so patiently~for their eggs!and of course... more fishing!The girls went shopping in Pentwater, while the boys caught up on their sleep from going to bed late and getting up so crazy early to go fishing! We had campfires, each with their own technical, we ran out of wood, and the next, well...let's just say there was an animal that was going to eat us girls so we left the fire and sat in the safety of the camper!(of course the guys were out fishing so they weren't there to protect us, we started out wielding wiener forks, but whatever it was kept coming closer and closer and faster, so we ran!) Thanks for coming up family! We had tons of fun!

Then to end out our fun weekend, my brother in law and sister in law came up with her parents and we went into the dunes. Yes, I rode up test hill...several times, even backwards...several times! YIKES! I always said I would never do that, but I did, and it was fun, scary, but fun. The boys loved it and Anaya started out scared, but ended up telling Robb to "GO!" Thanks so much guys, we had a great time!(I left my camera at home...BUMMER! It was definitely a sight to behold!)


Stephanie said...

Looks like fun! LOVE the family picture. That turned out awesome!

Bethany at 3SonsPlus1 Crew said...

That does look like tons of fun!! Man, your guys can catch some big fish! My boys are sooooo jealous! :)