Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I LOVE this city!!! It is so beautiful! Ryan and I are polar opposites(in this respect,) he thinks I am crazy, but..to each his own, right?!

We spent a little time downtown...
but most of our time was spent at my sisters house playing with Olivia, and just hanging out!
I have some great bribe pictures of my sisters, but I promised I wouldn't post them...for now!
Rylie is in that box! Crazy tiny girl, Eric was flipping it all around and she was loving it!
Olivia is such a sweet baby! Her Doc Band has already made a noticable difference in the shape of her head, and she is doing great with physical therapy for her neck, she has improved greatly since the last time I saw her! Thanks in large part to her wonderful mommy and daddy!

I was able to spend a long weekend in Chicago with my Mom, Sisters, and nieces(and Eric too!) Poor Eric was again way out numbered! We went shopping, out to eat, and mostly had fun just hanging out together, and playing with Olivia! I was also able to visit my very best friend since 6th grade, who just gave birth to adorable twins! My freshly recharged batteries failed me and I have no pictures to share of them! It was great to see you again Kadie, (and the whole family!)
A big thanks to my sweet hubby who lets me recharge myself, especially at the start of a new school year, it was just what I needed!


Anonymous said...

It was sooo good to see you! (your mom and sister too..) I so wished we lived closer! We really have to plan when we can get our families together for more than one hour...it would be too fun.