Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Anaya is continuing to say so many words! One of her favorites is..."FUN!" And that is how she says it too, with gusto! I even heard her say "wat dis MOM!" after hearing her brother say "Watch this mom." I tried to get her to do it on cue for a video, but to no avail! She says "say?" if we are looking at a book, and she doesn't know what that animal says. She has a cute~little annoying habit of taking her hand, grabbing your face, and turning it to hers if she feels you are not paying attention to her! She pulls the piano bench over to the curio cabinet and points to all of our family members and says each one of their names. When she wakes up in the morning the first word out of her mouth is usually "bow" as she shoves the hair out of her face! I love it! She sure is a ton of FUN!


Ferrick said...

How blessed are we to have received girlie girls. She is so darn cute and I am looking forward to a get together in the the fall. We are long overdue!

Katherine Ancil said...

Anaya is sure growing up! Can't believe it! ~Katherine Ancil~