Sunday, August 2, 2009

a relaxing weekend...

We enjoyed our first weekend of being home with nothing on the calendar since summer began! We had a campfire cookout, we even tried corn on the cob cooked on the campfire, it was very good!

~notice the bench the boys made us is still holding up! To see more of our amazing bench, click here!
Anaya enjoyed it too!

Then of course no weekend is complete without a fishing trip! Ryan caught this huge walleye, and then we ate it for dinner a few hours later. This was one fish I actually ate a piece of! Despite being ugly, it tasted very good!! Ryan ALWAYS prepares any and all animals he kills (I am NOT a fan of cooking wild game, or any meat for that matter!) and I always try a bite, to be nice, but this was actually good! He GRILLED it! Since we have been married(almost 15 years)He has not grilled as much as he has this summer! YAY! I HATE cooking, so it works for me!

And since hunting season is only, hmm let's see...LESS THAN 2 months away!!!! The boys are practicing their shooting skills! I can't bear the thought of fall!!! Even though I love fall...
Summer is waaaay too short, but we really enjoyed our weekend with nothing to do!