Thursday, July 30, 2009

fun night with the family...

We went to the Lewis' farm market last night. They have a petting zoo and some other fun things for the kids to do. Ryan was having a farm withdrawal!!
Anaya was having the time of her life! She LOVES animals!

Look at Anaya climbing up to see the llama! She is fearless! Everyone else backed off a bit when they saw the sign saying "LOOK OUT... I SPIT!" (I guess it could be because she can't read...ignorance is bliss!)
I need one of these at home!!Later, we met some friends for ice cream. Look at all those boys!(There were actually 8, and 1 more who was not there!)Why is it when a small child says something that an adult usually says it is sooo funny. Tonight a blue, rusted out, Chevy truck pulled up near our van in a parking lot and Easton says "That is my dream truck!" I almost died laughing! The guy who was driving the truck heard him and was laughing too! He said that it was a 1982 and belonged to his dad, it hadn't been driven in years, so he put in some new plus and... it runs like a dream!

Here is Easton cracking us up again, only this time he isn't saying something all that nice...but I had to laugh! This slide was at the farm, the boys loved it!


MBush said...

Paul wants to check out the slide! Looks like fun. Gotta love the yelling all the way down...even if its not the best words!