Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I love my boys!

The boys were busy working on a project today, and it was a surprise. I was not allowed to look in their direction when I went outside. I figured they were building some sort of fort or something, but they kept saying it was for Ryan and me.(?what could it be?) We had to wait till after dinner before they were ready to show us our surprise. We walked outside and they had it covered up with a sleeping bag! They finally revealed it and it was a...

Bench! A homemade bench! We laughed so hard, and of course had to try it out! They said "Mom gets the padded side!" They had duct taped some leather scraps on Ryan's side "so his butt didn't get dirty!" Oh my funny sweet sons, I have no idea what made them think of making us a bench, but they did a pretty good job, we sat on it and it held us up! Now we have a place to sit next to each other around the campfire! Thanks guys, we love it! And we love you!!

My darling little diva and her posh little puppy!
Ryan is leaving for Mexico (driving) next week Thursday morning on a mission trip with some of the youth group... and I get to join him! I am so excited! My sister-in-law Lisa and I are flying out next Saturday (we will beat him there by a few hours) and staying till Thursday. We finally booked our tickets and we are on the count down! We will be serving (doing anything they want us to do) at the Lilly of the Valley Orphanage in Chihuahua Mexico. To learn more about Lilly, click here. Or click here to see more!


steph said...

LOVE the pic of Anaya!! I know it makes you happy to see her being a girlie girl!! The bench is awesome too, can't wait to use it next time we come camping :) Can't wait to see you Sat. love you!

Bethany and crew said...

Hi there, what a small world...I hopped onto your blog from another blog of a different blog, and I recognized the name Anaya immediately- we emailed a few times last year while in process of bringing home our girls from Guatemala. I noticed that you returned exactly one week before we all flew down for our didn't go smoothly, but we have been reunited as a family since September!!

Your boys are gorgeous, and Anaya is so beautiful!! What a precious family!!

And what an amazing opportunity to travel to Mexico for missions work with your husband and sister!!

Wishing you all the best,

Feel free to stop by our blog anytime ( it would be great to have more communication with fellow Guatemalan adoptive families!!

Stephanie said...


The bench was such a sweet thing for the boys to do for you. I bet you'll keep it forever. Have a great trip in Mexico. Sounds like fun!