Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home 1 year!!!

Lots of friends and family were waiting! It was so much fun to see everyone there, what a blessing!!

I was so elated to be HOME with our family finally together again.

Me and my sisters bawling our eyes out together!!

Wow! That was quite the wild ride! We are so blessed to have our daughter home. I am aware that many children are still waiting to come home. Guatadopt states:

On January 1, 2008 adoptions in Guatemala abruptly changed from a privately run system to government run entity. The 5000 adoptions that were “in process” at the time were “grandfathered” to finish under the laws in which they began. Although the Guatemalan government promised to expeditiously process all of these grandfathered, pre-Hague adoption cases in a timely and reasonable manner, now almost a year and a half later approximately 900 children are still waiting to join their families.The Guatemala 900 campaign will begin with the “Guatemala 900 March” on June 17, 2009 in Washington, DC. This event kicks off a SERIES OF ACTIONS to call attention to the stagnation of the remaining 900 grandfathered adoptions, and demand steps by the US and Guatemalan governments to deliver timely due process and transparency. We can no longer let these cases languish as political hot potatoes while children wait in limbo.

I can't even imagine still waiting to bring her home, that is absolutely insane!! Please pray that these precious children will be united with their forever families soon!


Michelle said...

How wonderful!

Michelle said...

still praying for Guatemala