Monday, June 29, 2009


Me, Lisa (my sister in law,) and Tonia on the plane heading for Mexico!

Cleaning out the bodega... an interesting task with brooms that don't stay on the handles!

Yes, that is my worst nightmare, and guess what, I didn't die! My body convulsed uncontrollably and I did freak a tad, which is what caused the lovely girls to bring it up to my bedroom, and yes that is my bed they are sitting on with that thing, but I survived!! Thank you Jesus! I actually saw several of them throughout the week and thought of one good thing about them... you can see them coming from a long way away, they don't really sneak up on you~if you are searching for them!

Ryan giving the team instructions...

The chalk line where the trench was to go...

By the end of the week they had the pipe laid and covered all the way to the fence!! The ground was extremely hard, they used pick axes and a lot of hard work!
Lisa, and some of the donations our group successfully got over the border! YAY God!!
Ryan and the team meeting.

This is amazing! What a fun group of girls~even at 6 am on the way to devotions! (I HAD to share this!)

We had an amazing experience in Mexico, words cannot express all of the lessons learned there last week. I am only going to highlight a few...
* Mama and Papa are amazing, their faith is refreshing especially in the context of America's "economic hardship" HA! These wonderful people run an orphanage on faith and have no salary, they take 1/2 of what is given to them personally and GIVE IT AWAY! Last year the orphanage gave away a LOT of money to other orphanages! They live life the way George Muller faith, and I long to live that way too!
*They load up around 50 or so kids a few times a week and give an offering to other orphanages or other needy people! I don't regularly load up my 5 kids to give back, I am ashamed!
*They(children, teenagers and adults) wake up at 4:45 am EVERYDAY to pray together. And you have not heard anyone pray the way they do. I was hoping the language barrier would keep me from getting too emotional...NO way! They cry out to the Lord and let me tell you, their Gracias Dios's are in a much higher quantity than their por favors!! Shame on me!
*They sing "GOD IS SO GOOD" with their arms stretched to the sky and their eyes closed, they mean it. They live in an orphanage with 3 meals a day, no seconds, no snacks, no one tucking them in at night~though they are truly loved and cared for~it's just not the same, and they KNOW the goodness of God!!
I am so thankful I was able to go on this trip, I am forever changed. There is SO much more to share, for now I will close. The kids are what I loved most about this trip, and they are missing from the pictures above. We did LOTS of loving on the kids and I wish I could share that with you, but Papa said something about being careful with blogs so I don't want to violate any trust there. But Please check out Linda's blog, she has permission and does an amazing job. There are a few posts about our trip there. (One typo she made said I DID put the toilet paper in the toilet...But I did NOT!!) Thanks Linda for all you do, you are a tremendous blessing!!


Lee said...

Woo! I've been hoping on hoping for some kind of recap.... :)
I know this is your week of reconnect with your kiddos and I pray your time is blessed and sweet. We are praying about today's meeting today too. Love ya.

Patty Barnes said...

Wow, God is so good. Thank you for sharing about the trip and the spiritual challenges. I sure could grow more in my faith too.