Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Unfortunately this is how Ryan spent most of this day! We have had stomach issues going on this week, and it was Ryan's turn today! Jayden was bummed, usually he gets to do something special with daddy since they share a birthday, but not this day! At least Jayden wasn't sick today, he already took his turn! Anaya and I have yet to get anything...we are hoping it sticks to the male gender!
It started with Easton, we breathed a sigh of relief when we passed Thanksgiving with no sicknesses, last year we missed it all due to that, and well this year we made it to the Friday night after Thanksgiving...then it hit! At least I got my shopping in, and we were able to get our Christmas Tree so all is well! Easton helped me decorate it, it was so cute all the balls were clustered at the bottom of the tree!
I remember last year having a problem with the wood floor and glass I bought some "shatterproof" ~plastic~ones this year, someday I will switch back, but for now it feels good to say "that's okay!" when they knock one off!