Thursday, December 24, 2009

Out of surgery...

Lisa is out of surgery, and the doctor said that it went as good as can be expected. She is in recovery. They were not able to get all of the cancerous tumor removed, but the doctor was very happy to get as much as they did. They stabilized the spine with 2 rods and eight pins, did a bone graft to fix the hole in the spine. Doctors feel that at this point there is no paralysis, but there is still a small chance of that being a possibility during recovery. In about a month she will need to go back to the Mayo clinic for radiation.

Thanks so much for praying. Jesus is the reason for Christmas and our eyes and hearts are definitely drawn to Him, even more so these last few days. I am glad we serve a LIVING savior.

Have a very merry Christmas.


Becky said...

Thanks for the updates, Stacy. Continually praying as we head into Christmas and appreciate all of life's little blessings! Sending our love to the whole VZ clan!