Tuesday, February 2, 2010

date nights...

We are starting to implement a parent/child date night. My mom does dates with the kids, and I am always jealous, I would love to spend time with just one kid, doing something fun! So, we decided why not?
We are taking turns and tonight, I got to take Dylan out. We went to Mc Donald's for Flurries, then, went to church and played basketball. Yes, I (sorta) played basket ball! We laughed so hard in the beginning, because in case you don't know me, I am NOT at all athletic. I used to get in trouble in gym class for screaming when the ball would come my way! If a sport involves running, competition, or makes me sweat...I don't do it! But, for lack of things to do where we live, and for the love of my child, who happens to love basketball, I played basket ball. We had so much fun, lots of laughs, and I even beat one round of PIG!


Bethany at 3SonsPlus1 said...

I'm so glad you had fun! I've been "dating" my boys now for a while, and it's so special, not only for them, but for me!