Monday, February 22, 2010

snowball fight....

It was Dylan and Jayden against Easton, Spencer and Daddy!

The battle was intense..but in the end Daddy, Spencer and Easton won 2 to 1!

Anaya liked throwing snowballs too...
She cracked up laughing everytime she threw one!
But she didn't like having them thrown at her!

Easton says "bring it on Nay Nay!"
(I love her teeny tiny snowball!!)
*funny thing happend on the way to preaching yesterday...Ryan had to preach in a "neighboring" town, and I thought he left mighty early...well, turns out they "just happened to stop by the bow shop" on the way...and lo and behold, Dylan came home with a new bow!!!
Funny how these things happen when mommy doesn't come with...although in Ryan's defense, I did get a phone call explaining the "great deal" prior to the purchase!
(I was home with the 3 little coughing kids!)
So, they had to practice shooting tonight, after all, bow season is only 8 months away!!!
Take a look at this action shot!

A little low Spencer! But, at least you hit the box!