Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Girls weekend...

Livi giving me 'the look!'

Anaya and I went down to Chicago with my sister Steph, Taylor, Rylie, and my Mom to visit Jen, Olivia and Eric(poor guy, gets invaded by all of us women!)

On the way down, Anaya was being...a tad bit naughty, and at one point she took her ear ring out ~ when I turned around to try to find it, I gave her 'the look' at which she asked..."Am I a princess?"  My immediate response was "NO" and within a second, she was bawling!!  Well, I didn't think I would get that kind of response, after all, I had just gotten after her for something else, and she, quite frankly, could not have cared less!  So I really was not prepared for this emotional breakdown!  I felt bad so I  started saying she was a princess, and that mommy was sorry, and cousin Taylor came to the rescue with some lipstick(gloss)!  Which, of course, makes all princesses happy and she stopped crying!  From that point on she kept asking "I a princess?" several times a day, to which I instructed every one just to say "yes" to avoid all future break downs!

She was very good all weekend long (after the princess drama on the drive down!)  We had a great time in Chicago.  Now, she keeps asking "I go Cago again?"  "Yes Anaya, you will be invited to girls weekend again!"  I LOVE having a daughter to spend girl time with!!!  I am also thankful for a great Mom, awesome sisters and sweet nieces too!!  {And a great brother-in-law who puts up with all of us!}
*wish I had more pictures, but I forgot to haul out the camera!*