Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our week in {scattered} review...

                     Friday we decorated Easter Eggs...              
and blew bubbles!  We are loving this awesome weather!
On Thursday night we went down and celebrated Easter with {part} of my family, we missed you Eric, Jen, Olivia and Taylor!  But the kids had a blast searching for Easter eggs.
Sunday night Ryan didn't have youth group so we were able to go fishing, and catch lots{80 in an hour!} of {little} fish!!
I was actually home with a few kids, but Ryan called and said they were catching lots of fish, so I headed straight down there.  I LOVE bobber fishing, even if they are little!

Last week Tuesday I had my date with Easton, he wanted to go to Chuckie Cheese and go to the grocery store to get a doughnut!  However, there isn't a Chuckie Cheese around here, but we found something not very similar and he was thrilled...
and tonight Ryan had his date with Anaya, yep, another tea party!!