Sunday, August 8, 2010

80 years...

This is my awesome Grama, "Grama Great" as the kids call her.  She just turned 80!  Today we celebrated with an open house in her honor.  More than 100 people came out to wish her a happy birthday!  She has such a servants heart, and I miss her like crazy!  Before we moved, she would come over one day every week and help with the younger kids so I could do school uninterrupted, help with the laundry, sort the socks, (there were only like 3 socks without matches when Grama was on duty! I have a whole basket full!)  It was her joy to find those lonely socks and get them back together!  Easton fell in love with her then, she would feed him his lunch and he loved it!  She always came with candy bags for them, and left doing "last tag" (where she would hit them and run!)  Yes, we still get to see her, and she still takes care of the kids every once in a great while, but boy do I miss living close by!  She volunteers at LOVE INC. and teaches 2 year old Sunday school at her church!  She is amazing at 80 and we love her to pieces!