Sunday, August 29, 2010

more waiting...

Just a quick note to update you on the adoption front...

We found out on Friday that all of our documents have been translated and were handed over to ICBF in Colombia on Aug. 23!!!  We were just praying for the translation to be done, and were pleasantly surprised that it is already with ICBF.  We are now waiting on approval from Colombia.  This could take a few months(or beyond,) though I pray not, I am prepared to wait AND not freak out about it, because I know that God has a plan and His plan is greater than mine!!!
Yes, that is what I learned from our last adoption and it is helping me wait out this one.  It's all a huge leap of faith and I know God will be there to carry me through...even when it doesn't 'feel' like it, or when things don't go as "I" plan, I WILL TRUST HIS PLAN!  He knows Luisa, He knows her needs, He will take care of her, He loves her more than we do,  I WILL TRUST HIM!!!
So there ya have it, adoption 101 in a nutshell!  Learned the hard way, as most of my best learning has taken place.  And now shared with you at no extra charge!

I'll be sure to update when we get that approval, but until then...we wait..........................!