Thursday, September 22, 2011


We have nice new drywall everywhere on the main floor!!!

We had a mishap in the bathroom so it needed to be skim coated.  I was the lucky one who got to do the job!  Amazing how many skills I am gaining during this remodel, not really good at any of them, but oh well!
Once we had the walls smoothed out, we still had to prime.  Lots of white!  Christi came to help, and she was good at cutting in.  I do not have a steady hand for doing that.  Barb, Kendra and my sister Steph also came to help.  Thank you ladies!  

The living room with primer...
the kitchen without!
Ryan and I covered with primer after spraying the entire first floor!
That is the way to go, it went so fast!
Finally it was time for some color!  The girls light pink room.
Dylan and Jayden's khaki room...
Spencer and Easton's greenish room...
our gray hallway...
Steph painting my door!

The girls entertaining the girls!
I love color!!!
Ryan has been busy putting up the trim that my mother in law painted!  It's coming around!!!  Tomorrow we are laying linoleum, and finishing up the trim upstairs!