Sunday, September 11, 2011

school and more...

I sent my firstborn off to school last week for the very first time!  I thought I was gonna cry...he is 13!!!  I don't know how y'all do that with a 5 year old!  But, it was time, he was ready, and is having a great time thus far!  Things are going well at home even with out him being there, we miss him, but know he is where he needs to be.  He is in the 8th grade at a small Christian school at our church.

Anaya started pre-school (home school) this week, and it was pretty funny because she just didn't get the concept of home school.  I read her book, worked on her letters with her, did some art, etc... and when we were done, she asked when she was going to pre-school!  Since she is getting to be such a big girl, I let her skip her nap.  She was so excited, but it didn't take long and she curled up and fell asleep in the chair!  All that learning tuckered her right out!
Jayden is in 5th grade, Spencer is in 3rd and Easton is doing 1st grade all at home!  So, we do school in the morning, and when we are done, we head over to the house and work. 
We had a very generous couple decide to buy drywall for the rest of the walls in our house!  So, it was delivered and we hauled it all in and hung it.  That stuff is HEAVY!  But, now we have beautiful drywall on every wall of our house!  We are hoping to get that drywall mud started and finish up the rest of the mudding this week, then we can start to paint inside!!!
even the girls were 'helping'

While I was busy painting the garage, Anaya came running to me saying there was an "ammamal"{animal} crawling by the barn.  She was very excited and I asked her if it was big or small and she said "its big!"  So I stopped painting and went to check it out.  This is her animal.  A caterpillar!  Not really what I was expecting to see, after all, I don't think I would classify that as an animal nor would I call it big, but then again, I am not 4!
hauling in more drywall...

drywall going up!

My dad has been working on our porch, here are the posts he had made, aren't they beautiful!  Now I wish they were all getting replaced!  But, that too is expensive, and we are trying to stick to the budget, so only the rotten ones are being replaced.
here is one of the rotten posts.

Doesn't that drywall make it look so much better!  I LOVE it!
Our garage is primed and painted and looks SO MUCH BETTER!

Pastor Mark made all of my cabinets.  Dylan helped him for a few days and they cranked out some beautiful work!  He has amazing woodworking talent, and this weekend he started painting them.  So exciting!!

Tonight we had the senior high youth group at our new house and the focus was on prayer.  We prayed over each student, and we did a prayer walk in and around our home and property.  Such a huge blessing!  Thank you Lord for this place and these people we are privileged to work with.


Bethany @ 3SonsPlus1...and... said...

That's awesome Stacy! Everything looks great!

I love Anaya's BIG animal find, ha ha!