Saturday, February 25, 2012


We took the youth group skiing last week, and our kids as well.  This year it was Easton's turn to learn how to ski.  I am the designated ski instructor in our family, so Easton and I started out the morning on the bunny hill, which he usually called the rabbit hill.  I had read that they had a 'magic carpet.' which I believe, is the best invention in the skiing world EVER.  But I found it wasn't running.  So, off we went to the tow rope.  Getting up the hill proved to be the hardest part!  First of all, there was a huge dip that made getting to the tow rope nearly impossible for the first time skier. I managed to get him up the hill a bit further getting him parallel with the rope, and not sliding back down the hill backwards was another trick!  Finally he was ready to latch on to the rope... Poor kid, I could barley get a grip on the dumb thing, I thought for sure he would burn a hole in his glove as he stood there hanging on to the rope and going nowhere!  I managed to get behind him and practically carry him up the hill.  Thankfully it wasn't too busy and the ones behind us were having trouble of their own getting started.  He did okay, but lets just say, we were both exhausted after only an hour of fighting with the tow rope and going swiftly down the hill only to find ourselves struggling with the tow rope again.  So, Ryan took him with to get some food and I was able to actually ski for a bit.  I was so nervous.  It was fun when I was younger, now I get all nervous and think about how awful it would be to break a bone or something!  I am happy to report that I never even fell!

Then, after lunch, look what was open!  I was so happy, my arms could not take anymore of that stupid tow rope.  4 of the kids from our group ruined their gloves on that thing, it was bad.  Easton loved the carpet too, it made everything so easy!  After that he started to get the hang of it, and was so proud of himself!  I love that part about teaching!

Spencer was an old pro and went down all of the big hills with his big brothers.  Ryan stayed in the lodge with Anaya and Lucy.  One of the great things about working with teens is there are never a shortage of willing kid wranglers! 
 It was a beautiful day, in fact we skied without coats and Easton couldn't look at the camera, it was so sunny!