Friday, February 10, 2012

what do puppies and toddlers have in common?

Well, I am finding out, a lot actually!  You can't take your eye off either of them for very long or they will find trouble.  Take this for instance...
Hmm...I wonder who made this mess in my shower???

Or how about the scratches in my leather couch...{it's hard to see in the picture, but there are many that are quite obvious in real life!}

That would be quincy.
Okay now guess who was busted doing this...

That would be Luisa!  She was found in our bedroom CUTTING my comforter!  There are about 15 cuts like this all around the edge of our bed!  Good thing she didn't get hurt.  I had a very sharp scissors in my nightstand that was brand new{still in the package!}that she found and just started clipping away!  Her and her buddy Ryan also enjoyed plunking quarters down the register vent the other day!

"Are you talking about us...?"

Oh the joys of toddlers and puppy dogs!!