Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vander Zwaag family fun...

Last weekend we spent some time with Ryan's family near Cabela's.  Unbeknown to us, it was kids day and they had a bunch of activities all set up for kids!
There was a fishing 'pond' set up, all of our kids got to go at the same time so we had a contest going as to who caught the biggest fish.  Well, Jayden caught the first fish, but I think his cousin Brylynn's was bigger!  Easton won a fishing pole.

Anaya shot a bb gun!
All of the VZ grandkids!
Aunt Sarah and Aunt Lisa planned a family game of Minute to Win it complete with prizes!  Fun, and funny to watch!
Trying to get a vanilla wafer from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands!
Trying to keep a balloon up in the air without using their hands!
Trying to put pasta on spaghetti ... guessed it, no hands!

There were lots of games, lots of swimming, lots of bouncy balls {there was a pinball machine that gave out bouncy balls and they collected quite a few!  My kids alone came home with over 50!} But most of all there was a lot of laughter!  The most probably came when Aunt Sarah had to jump into the hot tub, fully clothed, to save Luisa's life!  I was in the bathroom with Anaya so I asked Sarah to watch her...and I came back to find them both soaked!  I missed the event, but the kids were more than happy to reenact the whole ordeal!  Too funny!  THANK YOU AUNT SARAH!