Thursday, August 16, 2012

Take a kid fishing day...

Dylan and Jayden participated in the "Take a kid fishing day" this year.  It was a great opportunity for them to get out on the big lake.  Of course they get to go fishing with Ryan regularly, but unfortunately, our boat is too small for salmon fishing.

Ryan helped pack up the fish...
Jayden got on a boat with a friend from church that we didn't even know was going to be there!  They caught 3 nice ones, and had a great time together!
The people who take the kids fishing volunteer their boat, gas and time for the day!  They had a hot dog lunch and each kid got a trophy, t-shirt, and a gift bag with lures and bobbers!

Dylan's boat caught 11 fish!  He didn't know the other kid on his boat, but had a great time with him and their crew.

Each kid came home with 2 big bags of fish!  If your kid ever has the chance to participate in an activity like this I highly recommend it!