Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall fun...

Check out this sky, it has been so beautiful lately.

We were given some pumpkins and we decided to paint them in hopes they would last a tad longer.
{which, by the way, didn't help, 2 of them are rotten already and we painted them on Saturday.}
The boys painted theirs with chalkboard paint and planned to write on them with chalk.  We have 2 black pumpkins and one with black and orange stripes!  Clever kids.

Dylan decided to try something different, he spray painted his pumpkin to look like a candy corn.
The girls and their hairy pumpkins!
Fun times and great memories made with these precious treasures God has given us!
An update on Luisa... she is still coughing, but only a few times a day and unfortunately, there is still sometimes puke involved!  Please pray it goes away for good!  Thanks.