Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the game...

 What an exciting night we had Friday night!
 Kids with war paint on, rooting for our team!  Even though the game was 2 and a half hours away, we had a great crowd come up to cheer them on!

Dylan's soccer team tied 1 to 1 at the end of the game, it then went into 2 ten minute overtimes, and then a 7 round shootout!
Oh.My.Word. Now I remember why I don't like sports, I get way too involved, it gets me all riled up!
Unfortunately, we lost, but the team played very well, and it was quite an exciting game!
Then...on our way home, at around 11:30 pm, we pulled into Walmart to return a video, I jumped out of the car and heard this loud air leaking sound and realized it was my tire, it had a pretty significant hole in it!  Thankfully, my dad was with me, Ryan was riding with a friend not far behind us and was able to come help.  With the help of a complete stranger who gave us some pliers, fix a flat, a tire repair kit, and some air, we were able to fix it, and it is still holding strong today! 


Anonymous said...

Sorry Dylan exciting game though sounds like fun!!!