Monday, November 12, 2012

more random updates....

*We got a new kitten.  I really didn't want another cat, but it just came out of nowhere one day.  I must admit, it is pretty cute, so here it stays. {We tried to make it a barn cat, but it kept coming back under the front porch.}The kids named it Lucky.  
*I didn't really want one of these either, I think it's kinda ugly, but...after paying for fuel oil last winter, I was eager to do anything to cut down on our heating costs.  Well, it may not be cute, but it stays because I LOVE being warm!  I have a chair right in front of the thing and I pretty much do school from there everyday!  We have not run our furnace yet, and we estimate that even with having to buy the pellet stove and pellets we should still be way under what we paid for fuel oil last winter!
 The kids had a fun time at a recent harvest party with friends from church.  We went all out with dressing them up...we were so creative, the girls went in their traditional dresses from their countries, 2 boys were dressed in camo, which they pretty much wear every day, and Easton was a soccer player.  We obviously don't go all out for these things, but they had a lot of fun playing games and gathering candy!

*After living in this house for a full year now, we finally got all of our stuff moved out of the pole barn and either put where it belongs or dumped it!  What a great feeling that was! Just in time for Dylan's new purchase...
Yes folks, I cried a little today when MY BABY BOY bought a TRUCK!! Thankfully it will sit in the above barn for a while as he is only 14.  We are proud of the smart young man he is and feel he made a wise decision to buy this very affordable truck from some extremely trustworthy people! The best news is, it's a stick shift!  I love to drive them, my first car was a stick too and he paid the same for his truck as I did for my first car many moons ago!