Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is it just me...

or is this year flying by at an incredible rate of speed?  Wow, how did it get to be this time of year already?

 I am so thankful for these treasures God has given us.
We had a great thanksgiving weekend.  We were able to spend time with family and we went out and got our Christmas tree.
 We found the perfect tree pretty fast, but Ryan brought only this little dinky hand saw and let Easton saw it down...needless to say it took a while! Eventually he let each kid take a whack at it and it finally fell!
  I think he stood a little taller that day, too stinking cute!!
 We took the dog with and she did better than some of the people for our family photo!  Not too shabby for our DIY photo shoot of setting the camera on the back of the truck, turning on the timer and running up the hill!

 We had a few light issues, (why do only half the strands work? grr...) I dumped several strands and we made due but it was a tad frustrating!
 my light bulb repacers
I had lots of 'help' from these guys, I had to go around and replace a few ornaments as they were all in the bottom 1/2 of the tree!
Years ago my mom bought my Christmas village and painted most of them as a hobby{I did a few,} the problem is that we can't find them anymore, which means they are irreplaceable!  Not good with 6 kids around.  These guys were super careful as they helped me put up the trees, love their concentration, {it is hard to get them to stay put!}

It is so cozy in this house with our warm pellet stove and the glow of the Christmas tree, I am loving it!  So much to be thankful for!