Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

To these guys! We love you both so much!
Ryan turned the BIG 40 and Jayden turned 12 today. 

This weekend we had a birthday party for Jayden...
 We played several fun minute to win it type games and had a scavenger hunt.
The boys had to weigh in their steers for 4H Saturday morning, so the kids went with, after eating waffles with nutella, Jayden's favorite breakfast, at 6:30am.

Ryan took them squirrel hunting in the afternoon! Such a great dad and brave too!  {only 2 had guns!}
And of course there was cake! This is the week we get really sick of cake around here. Jayden choose a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for his party Friday night, Ryan always wants angel food cake {gross!}
Spencer's birthday is Wednesday, so we will be celebrating again.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday P-Daddy and Jayden