Tuesday, December 18, 2012


To my sweet girl who LOVES to dress up.  Every day she comes down and asks me to help her put on some sort of dress up clothes.  She will wear this all day everyday when we are home.

I wore this dress when I was her age in a wedding!

I can not believe she is 4 years old already!  This morning after we sang to her, I told her that she was now 4 years old and she said, "Oh, OK!"  She is such a sweet kid!  We are so blessed to be her family.  Sometimes people ask if we are going to adopt again, and while I LOVE my family and feel like we are complete, I would never want to say "NO" and miss out on the blessing if that is what God calls us to do.  But for now, we have no calling, just enjoying these treasures we have!

 A robe and some items for her baby dolls.  
She loves to find things that match or are "same" as she puts it.  I have a robe that I wear, so when she opened hers she said "same like you mommy....wwwwobe!"  Too cute! She is talking so much and sings so sweetly, we don't always readily understand what she says, but for the most part her speech is coming along.  It feels as though she has always been a part of our family, I truly can't imagine life without our Luisa JOY!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lucy-goose!!!!