Monday, April 1, 2013


Is over, and baseball is starting, but, I wanted to post a few pictures of Dylan playing basketball.

While they didn't have the best record, they played hard and we cheered loud!  Dylan has improved greatly over the last few years playing basketball and it's fun to watch him play!  My boys even got me into the whole March madness bracket thing, who knew I would end up getting more of my first round bracket right than this guy!!
My favorite part is that he had to 'dress up' on game day, I loved to see him wear a tie.

Spencer was on a team this winter too and did an amazing job.  Dylan's team helped teach and coach the younger kids. Great to see the older kids investing in the younger ones.

Now we're on to baseball and soccer!


Anonymous said...

I am winning our family brackets too now Michigan needs to win on Saturday and I am the champ lol